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Belton Copp Preserve


14 Smith Neck Rd. The entrance is marked by a large cedar tree and small granite bench.



Limited parking along the property is allowed, with plenty of additional parking at the nearby state boat launch ramp.



Easy and Brief

4 acres

This preserve offers expansive marshland views. The State of CT has protected 32 acres of the adjacent wetlands. The trail is a short, very easy walk and feels a bit like a maze through high thickets. A multitude of birds of many varieties can be seen here, including osprey which nest in the adjacent tidal marsh.


This four-acre parcel was donated by Belton Copp, a cofounder of OLLT who was also a lawyer, World War II veteran, and conservationist. He served as trustee for The Conservation and Research Foundation which helped develop techniques for non-governmental entities to preserve land.


Note: Be careful to stay on the trail as the thicket does contain poison ivy.

Trail Map

Sunrise from Belton Copp Preserve

Belton Copp Lea Harty.jpg

Thickly bordered trail out to salt marsh views

Belton Copp trail view 2.jpg
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