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Edward J. Sopneski
Youth Environmental Action
(YEA!) Grants

Old Lyme Land Trust is pleased to offer grants of $100 to $600 to support worthy environmental projects. Applicants should be 11-21 years old and live in Lyme or Old Lyme. We are especially eager to fund original and independent projects that otherwise might not happen, but welcome requests for support of any project with positive environmental impact in which you play a major role, including relevant student and volunteer work. Projects may be proposed anywhere at all, including on OLLT properties. Whether you roll up your sleeves to help the natural world however you best can, or come up with a creative approach to tackle a neglected problem, OLLT would like to assist.


The YEA! grant program is in honor of Edward J. Sopneski, former Trustee and longtime OLLT volunteer. Ed died in 2022 at age 87 following decades of work caring for the environment. He installed osprey platforms, removed invasive plants from his beloved Watch Rock Preserve, and worked to boost declining numbers of pollinators. Ed was also keenly interested in encouraging the next generation to live a life of action to protect our natural world. That goal inspires these grants.

To apply, complete the application below and click "Submit." Grants are awarded on a rolling basis, with decisions made by the OLLT Board when it meets, typically on the third Thursday of every odd month (January, March, May, etc.), and notification of applicants in the following weeks. Please apply at least ten days ahead of a meeting to assure consideration. Thank you for your interest, and for being a champion for nature!

YEA! Grant Application Form
Upload a document
Upload an image

By signing below, I affirm that the above information is accurate and agree to these terms:

  1. I shall provide a short (1-2 page) report documenting the finished work.  Photos encouraged!

  2. Unused funds or undocumented expenditures will be returned. I will save my receipts, and attach them with my final budget to the report.

  3. Failure to complete a project within the granted timeline requires return of funding.

  4. Where possible, an Edward J. Sopneski Youth Environmental Action Grant from the Old Lyme Land Trust will be acknowledged as having supported the project.

Thank you for applying. We will be in touch soon!

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