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Upper Three Mile River Preserve


106 Four Mile River Road

Parking along Four Mile River Road at the preserve entrance which is across the road from the Transfer Station.



Moderate to Challenging - A two hour walk with several rushing stream crossings in late winter and spring. A short cut walk is also available using the green trail. See Map

157 acres


This is OLLT’s second largest preserve and protects some of the wildest and most remote woodlands in town. Seasonal brooks seep up from the ground among high, craggy ledges and broad hilltops. The brooks flow south into Long Island Sound. A 2.5 mile loop trail takes the hiker through a forgotten landscape of abandoned farmland and woodlots. The preserve abounds with mountain laurel. Terrain is steep in some places and is recommended for experienced hikers only.



OLLT began to build this preserve with the purchase of a single, land-locked parcel in 2004.  At the time, many questioned the wisdom of buying land with no access "in the middle of nowhere", but over the next 15 years, additional abutting parcels were acquired, including two that were donated, along with a donated walking easement across private land.  Today, the Upper Three Mile River Preserve is OLLT's second largest, and efforts continue to increase the size of the preserve and link it with others to the west through a cross-town walking trail

Young black birch grows through the remainder of an oak tree.

UPPER 3 MI tree in tree.jpg
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