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Goberis Chadwick Preserve


372 Shore Rd. (Rte. 156)

Parking area is on the left, opposite the house. Take care to avoid a few large rocks or stumps. Please do not walk in the driveway or near the private house.


Note: There is a small cemetery off the west side of the driveway. OLLT property bounds it on three sides, but the cemetery itself is private property. Please be respectful and do not enter.



Moderate to steep

26 acres

Most of the trails are moderate, with a few short steep sections. In some sections the trail runs along lovely Armstrong Brook including 2 bridge crossings. The place is alive with the sounds of peepers and bullfrogs in the spring, while other wildlife can be spotted year round.



In 1767 the marriage of Reuben Chadwick and Martha Miller took place in South Lyme. Tragically, their first child, a daughter born the following year, lived for only two days. Her gravestone is located in a small cemetery along with those of seven other people whose names are unknown.

Reuben and Martha had at least seven other children.

Reuben died in 1836 at age 95 and Martha lived about two months longer and died at age 86. They are both buried in the Duck River Cemetery. The Chadwick family was locally prominent during this early European settlement era. They were initially farmers and later mariners and ship captains. Early Chadwick homes are still standing on Four Mile River Road, Brown’s Lane and Mile Creek Road. In addition, Daniel Chadwick, who was a prominent ship captain, lived at what is now 31 Lyme Street.

Theodora (Teddy) Goberis lived in a cottage at Point O’ Woods and taught art at Norwich Free Academy for 44 years. She generously donated this 25 acre property to the OLLT in 1998.  When Charlie Beal came on as Steward, he did some research on the cemetery and discovered the Chadwick connection.  At that time, he recommended that it be named the "Goberis Chadwick Preserve". 

Well worn trails through woods

Goberis Chadwick 1.jpg

Old double oak tree at start of Green trial loop

Goberis Chadwick tree.jpg
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